Helping you to connect with your passed over loved ones…

About Me

I was born with a unique connection and understood from a very young age that I was a channel between heaven and earth. I have always been able to communicate with my guides and spoke to them regularly as a child. I have always known that this work was what they intended for me but for a long time I was too afraid to pursue it. Only after having my children did I come to truly accept my ability. Once I accepted this path and my ability I found my psychic development accelerated at an extraordinary rate.

This ability was passed down to me through my grandmother, who was a trance medium and who is with me for every reading. I spent many years working in the corporate world in HR and training management.  

Whilst this was a satisfying and fulfilling career, the pull to become a medium and help others could no longer be ignored.  I see and speak to spirits the same way I can with living people, I hear their voices and accents, see their expressions and idiosyncrasies. I believe this is what makes me unique. Oftentimes, I will bring through the exact expressions and mannerisms of the spirit I am connecting with.

I now understand that this is my purpose in life and will do my best to convey everything that is intended for you.