Connecting you with your passed loved ones…

Mediumship Readings

Your loved ones can always hear and see you and when you’re having a difficult time, they are there. In those quiet moments you might hear a voice telling you it will be ok, or suddenly the lights flicker. They are trying to communicate with you and are letting you know they are with you.

But sometimes when people have passed it’s not just about missing them but about no longer having the opportunity to ask them questions you need answers to.

Sometimes knowing why someone did what they did can make all the difference in enabling you to move through it. Facing the answer, if you’re ready to hear it can be benificial.

If you’re ready to hear the answer or just want to talk to someone who is no longer here in the psychical body I can help.

I can communicate with people who have passed and help you have a conversation with them.  I can see them as if they were standing in front of me. I can hear them, see their movements and feel their intention.

This is a very special experience and it is my honour to share it with you.

Private session max 2 hour  – $330. Also available via Skype 

Psychic Reading

During a psychic reading I speak to your “team” who are there to guide you. You can ask them any questions about your past, present or future.

Psychic Reading – $160 1 hour session

Available face to face, phone or Skype.