Connecting Loved Ones Through Mediumship


Connecting Loved Ones Through Mediumship

Medium Timea Whitney

Would you like to have a conversation with someone who has passed? 

Specialising in readings for people who have experienced any type of trauma or abuse at the hands of someone who has passed. I would like get you the answers and the messages you need to heal. 

Receive messages and get the answers you need.
Let’s talk about what’s going on in your world.


I was born with a unique connection and understood from a very young age that I was a channel between heaven and earth. I have always known that this work was what they intended for me but for a long time I was too afraid to pursue it. Only after having my children did I come to truly accept my ability. Once I accepted this path and my ability I found my psychic development accelerated at an extraordinary rate.

This ability was passed down to me through my grandmother, who was a trance medium and who is with me for every reading.

Timea is indeed the real thing! I must admit, I was wanting to believe that spirits exist. After my session with Timea, I now know that they do exist. Not only could she describe my grandparents in vivid detail (without ever having seen a photo of them), she was able to effectively relay what their wishes for me were. She also predicted an unlikely pregnancy 2 weeks before it happened …

– Justin, Sydney

“Timea has such a lovely gentle manner, she puts anyone at ease. She genuinely surprised me with what she was able to bring through in a couple of instances and really does her utmost to ask the questions that you need answered. You can see she does everything she can to bring peace of mind to her clients. She has sensitivity and empathy and it really shows.”

– Barbara, Mona Vale

“I have had two readings with Timea. In both readings I was impressed that Timea could convey the personalities of my Great Grandmother and friend significantly. Both readings were moving experiences where Timea showed a lot of warmth and compassion.”

– Laura, Marickville

“Timea connected with my Grandmother who I was very close to and passed on some lovely messages and advice.  Timea is gentle, understanding and patient so therefore provides a lovely reading to her clients.  I have been twice now and have enjoyed both readings.”

– Kerrie, Dee Why